Why is my video unavailable on YouTube


In this article, we will discuss the reasons for video unavailable YouTube issues and provide you with detailed instructions which will help you to fix them.

Video unavailable on YouTube. What is the reason?

One of the most common mistakes that appear when watching videos on YouTube is that the video is not available.
There are several reasons why YouTube videos are not available. The main one is the restriction for viewing in a specific country. There are two explanations for this:
● The copyright holder allowed to view videos only in a specific country.
● The video was blocked by the YouTube administration upon detecting violations of the requirements of the law.
Regional restrictions are not the only reason for problems with watching videos. There are other (technical) reasons as well. The question of why YouTube is temporarily unavailable can be answered as follows – due to problems with the Internet, failures on the service itself, or improper configuration of the PC itself.

How to solve this problem?

There are the following ways to fix YouTube video errors:
● Use the Unblock YouTube service. To view, copy the URL, enter the site of the mentioned site and paste the copied link. Then click Go. In the next step, the user is directed to a page from which the video is already available for viewing.
● Install VPN application. If you see the message – Sorry, the page is not available on YouTube, try logging in through an anonymizer or VPN program that provides IP spoofing. In this case, you need to select the IP of the state where the video is available.
● Install the ProxTube extension for Google Chrome or Firefox. Installing such an application allows you to automatically solve the problem with videos on YouTube. The application can be turned on and off through the toolbar.
● Use Thor. A universal option is the use of the Tor browser, which replaces the user’s IP and does not determine which country the person came from. Many blocked sites can be visited through this browser.
● Check your network connection. First, make sure you are connected to the global network. If there is no Network, check the correctness of the settings or reset the router.
● Reboot YouTube, web explorer, or PC. Many people ask why my YouTube video is not available, but they do not take even minimal measures. To get started, restart your browser, try restarting the service with a video, or turn off and turn on the computer itself.
● Check extensions. Sometimes videos are not available when there is a conflict between different browser applications. Try disabling all extensions and play the video. If the problem disappears, you can turn on the programs one by one until you identify the one that caused the crashes.
● Pay attention to the correctness of the time and date settings. Sometimes YouTube videos are unavailable due to sync issues.